Monday, March 12, 2007

You Don't Own Me

I know that a week has passed and I haven't posted. But hey, school is hellish. Cut me some slack.

But anyway. It is once again Monday. You know what that means.

This week is Rasputina, covering You Don't Own Me, originally by 60's pop singer Lesley Gore.

Very cello-y. Kind of ominous. Enjoy.

mp3: Rasputina - You Don't Own Me (Lesley Gore cover)

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As Bjorn said...

Lesley Gore brought out a Cd a couple of years ago with another different version of you don't own me on it. These days we are clear on the fact that Lesley is gay and out and has lived with the same woman for the last twenty years. Her new version of her song is also pretty dark. I quite enjoy Rasputina and myself have all of their cds, I am pretty sure. My daughter, Paige, turned me onto them awhile back. I am a huge Lesley Gore fan and own all of her vinyl lps, and have owned them since the actual sixties. She is vastly underrated, due to most people associating her strictly with "Its My Party". Her albums on mercury are often full of the most remarkable songs done in excellent arrangements (Quincy Jones and later Bob Crewe). She also did a lot of music journalism along the way. I recall her interview with K.D. Laing in MS. in the early 90s where they discuss being lesbians in the music scene. Pretty cool.

I am enjoying this blog which I made my way too via Marion Sakaluk's blog. Good stuff. I loved "Tighten Up" myself and remembe dancing to it at the time. I was 19 I think. Something like that. Oh, and Lesley's current CD is called "Ever After" and is quite moving. Hope you don't mind the commentary.