Monday, March 5, 2007


It's a Perry Ferrell Rave of sorts.

This is a cover of a Porno For Pyro's song, Pets (as well as a short quote from the song Sadness, and Mountain Song by Jane's Addiction). In SKA FORM, by a band called Greenhouse and the Tender Ju-Ju Coins.

I first heard this song as a ten-year-old ( did I find such odd music when I was ten?), and I suspect it is the reason I am as enamored with keyboard and electric organ sounds as I am. Sad but true. Anyway, this song is so upbeat and weird and not like the original and honestly, I am a little bit ashamed to admit that I still really enjoy it, despite its whatever-ness.

And try as I might now, I can't dig up any information on the covering band. Google has returned nothing. This is one of those "my sister put this on a tape I stole, and many years later I ganked the CD and ripped it" songs.

mp3: Greenhouse - Pets (Porno for Pyros cover)

Sheer ridiculosity.

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treble_head said...

Greenhouse was a ska band from the chicagoland area. Went to a mini ska fest when I was about 16 and saw them and hung out with them before the show. Their lead singer didn't show up until midway through the show, but I bought their CD (might still have it somwhere). Their second CD, Tomorrow the World, is available from jump-up records and you can find it on amazon. They shortened the name to just "Greenhouse" btw, so you can prolly google some more and find it. I don't know if it still works, but their e-mail addy was