Monday, March 5, 2007

Cover Mondays

Announcement: Mondays will be cover song day.

I have to say. There's nothing I like more than a good cover. I'm not sure what about the idea of one band playing songs written by another band tickles me pink so much. Possibly because the part of me which is classically trained has always dealt with reproducing works that have been in existence long before I came along as a musician. Cover songs are a little bit the same with a lot more creative leeway, as you are not following a notated score. Think of the possibilities.

At this point in life I certainly have a collection of weird covers. It's kind of ridiculous. Here is a rundown of my "best-of" list:

Best Cover Song, Period: R.E.M. - Crazy (originally by Pylon)

Best Cover That Is A Good Sight Different And Refreshing From Original: Tori Amos - Rattlesnakes (originally by Lloyd Cole and the Commotions)

Best Cover Song Involving The Beatles and Kameda Seiji's Bass Playing: Shiina Ringo - Yer Blues (originally by The Beatles)

Best Cover Song For Not Sounding A Thing Like The Original: Dismemberment Plan - Close To Me (originally by The Cure)

Best Cover Of A Song I Am Deliriously Obsessed With: Stereolab - St. Elmo's Fire (originally by Brian Eno)

Best Cover Song For Obvious Worship Of Perry Ferrel And Use Of Keyboard: Greenhouse - Pets (originally by Porno For Pyros with short bit of a song by Jane's Addiction)

Best Cover Song For Sounding So Much Like The Original And Being So Freaking 70's - Shiina Ringo - Georgy Porgy (originally by Toto)

Best Pair Of Wildly Different Covers Of One Song: Cornelius - Brazil and Real Tuesday Weld - Return I Will To Old Brazil

Best Cover Song Involving Full String Quartet - Kronos Quartet - Marquee Moon (originally by Television)

Best Cover Song Made Into Something Palatable Out Of Something Freaking Weird - Phish - Roses Are Free (originally by Ween)

Best Cover Song That Results In Talia Dancing Around Like An Idiot: R.E.M. - Tighten Up (originally by Archie Bell)

Best Cover Song Involving Cellos And Pink Floyd: Rasputina - Wish You Were Here (originally by Pink Floyd)

Best Band Medley Done On The Spot During A Live Show: Stuart Davis - Medley (involving a whole lot of Lynyrd Skynyrd)

Best Cover Involving A Bossendorfer piano being run through a Marshall Amp: Tori Amos - If 6 was 9 (originally by Jimi Hendrix)

Those are only a handful of covers I love.

And this is why every Monday will be Cover Monday. Or whatever. I can't think of a wittier name.

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Dan Beahm and The Invisible Three said...

Ouch. A whole post on cover tunes and no mention of DBi3? Do not deny the power of cello when paired with The Ramones, especially when it is YOU on the cello.

And now that you're playing the world's most lullabic version of Springsteen, how can you deny? ...sheesh.